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Dear Visitor,

Let us welcome you on the homepage of one of the youngest Neolog / Conservative congregations in Budapest!

We are a non-egalitarian, Conservative congregation, respecting and keeping local traditions, but with a fresh approach and young spirit.
The Karoli Synagogue is the smallest and youngest synagogue in Buda (and in the whole of Budapest).

The building of the synagogue itself used to be a family house, until the Hungarian Jewish Community bought and refurbished it as a synagogue in 1962. Unfortunately, in course of the years, due to misfortunate history, the congregation decreased in its size, and functioned without a rabbi for decades.

The synagogue was finally renovated in 2001 and a rabbi was assigned to the congregation in 2004. Thanks to this rabbi and to the members, the congregation of the Karoli Synagogue became the fastest growing community in Budapest, and has the largest number of young families and children during Shabbat Services.

Our services follow the Askhenazi liturgy (nusah), and are held mostly according to modern Hebrew pronunciation (Sefaradi). The Shabbat prayers, both Friday evenings and Saturday mornings are followed by a community Kiddush to which everyone is invited.

We are a modern and friendly community, where both orthodox and conservative members feel comfortable. Men and women are asked to sit in separate places during prayers, but there is no separation at kiddush and on other community events. Community study is open to everyone. Married women usually cover their hair, but it is not obligatory. Women tend to dress modestly, but pants and T-shirts are also accepted.

So, if you are visiting in Budapest, and would like to join a Shabbat service with university students, young professionals and their families, and enjoy this celebration in a traditional but open atmosphere, come and visit us.

We are pleased to send you information about our current events, holiday celebrations, dinners, or the study sessions and lectures we organize.

For further information please contact

Rabbi Zoltan Radnoti (Rabbi Smuel Zvi) at:

or send your email to one of the email addresses below:

See you next Shabbat!


Friday: 18:30
Saturday: 09:00
Monday: 07:00
Thursday: 07:00